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Electrolysis Treatment Plans

Electrolysis treatment plans will vary greatly depending on the cause, strength and density of the hair growth, as well as what your own expectations and goals are. Initial sessions can be of as little as 10 minutes up to about 4 hours with weekly, fortnightly or even monthly appointments, reducing to as little as 10 minutes every 6-8 weeks as the treatment plan progresses. This is because all treatments are progressive, with each individual hair requiring usually more than one treatment, with successive treatments producing finer and weaker hair. Of course, you may wish to take things a little slower, and if that is the case then the same excellent results can be achieved with shorter sessions, but concentrating on smaller sections, and gradually spreading out to achieve your goal, with the whole target area cleared over longer time. This has the benefit of spreading the cost of treatment, making it more affordable, whilst remaining practical and effective. The overall time taken to achieve your goals is very much dependent on just how aggressive you choose to be with your treatment, although visible improvements in appearance will be noticeable fairly quickly because of the finer and weaker re-growth. However, you should be prepared for the fact that permanent hair removal, even from a relatively small area, will take some time, several weeks or months, when you bear in mind that hairs may require several treatments, and the minimum growth cycle of a hair takes approximately 4-6 weeks, which means that to treat a hair just 3 times will take about 12 weeks. Hair will frequently need more than 3 treatments. Depending on the area of the body the minimum growth cycle can be greater than 4-6 weeks, for instance many areas will typically be 6-8 weeks. Any special requirements can be discussed during your free, no obligation consultation, when a suitable treatment plan can be tailored to your needs.

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